Anonymizer Flips China The Bird

We saw over at Boing Boing that Anonymizer, a company that provides solutions to Internet users who want to ensure their privacy, have released a new anti-censorship software aimed specifically at Chinese citizens. And not only are they giving it away free, but they are continuously rotating the domain name so the Chinese government can’t block the site:

Anonymizer’s new anti-censorship software enables Chinese citizens to safely access the entire Internet filter-free, while free from oppression and fear of persecution or retribution. The program expands upon Anonymizer’s history of human rights efforts which provide a censor-free Internet experience for those in oppressed nations.

What they are depending on is that when the site is blocked by Chinese sources and they move to another one, Chinese internet users will tell their friends about it via the handy “Tell a friend” box on the front page.

We’re really glad to see something like this, even as companies like Yahoo help the Chinese government prosecute bloggers. And instead of making a weak and spineless compromise to half-censor their search results, we really think Google should have released something like this themselves. Way to go, Anonymizer!

Anonymizer Anti-Censorship Software

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