Trader Joe’s NYC Sets Cork Pop Date

Hark the herald and sing the angels, the Manhattan Trader Joe’s announced a date, via hand-drawn sign, per usual, for its wine shop to open. April 10th. Gotham City street beat reporter Bucky Turco writes that’s, “5 days before tax day. Who said Trader Joe’s weren’t savvy marketers.”

We spoke (informally, over schwarma) last weekend with longtime Manhattan denizen Elizabeth Zimmer, dance critic for the Village Voice. She’s thrilled by the new Trader Joe’s. She said she’ll no longer have to buy her groceries in Philadelphia. Zimmer visits her mother every weekend and also took the opportunity to escape New York’s exorbitant market prices.

We can’t understand why food in Manhattan has to be so expensive. It’s not like it’s a without field, farm, or harvestable hoof or anything…


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  1. Fairytale of Los Angeles says:

    Just wait until Trader Joe’s hooks the entire island on the Tagine Simmer Sauce and then withdraws the hookup. It happened here in LA and it’s not a pretty sight.

    (If I *wanted* mojito chicken, I’d buy mojito chicken sauce. I *want* my at-home Moroccan fix, dammit.)

  2. Melsky says:

    Trader Joe’s is one of the major things I miss since moving from California to Canada.

  3. People Paula says:

    Am I the only one who thinks TJ’s food tastes…dirty?

  4. Morgan says:

    Yes, People Paula. Yes, you are. Their preseasoned carne asada is quite possibly the most delicious meat ever.