Time to Human, Mobiles, Day 4

Today’s results in our week long trial to see how long it takes mobile phone carrier’s humans to pick up on the customer service line.

A very poor showing from Sprint. No surprise there. One wonders if their notoriously bad customer service might be amplified by the customer having to wait so long, making the consumer more likely to view the service in a negative light. T-Mobile posted a stunning under six second response time for two day’s straight.

So far, the ranking for best average pickup time are, in order of worst to best: Sprint PCS, AT&T Cingular, Virgin Mobile, Verizon, T-Mobile, Nextel.

Raw data to date, after the jump.



We can’t wait to make our pretty bell curve.



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  1. Danilo says:

    Does your Sprint Amba$$ador handler freak out when you say nasty things about them? Or is it a more freaky, high school counselor kind of deal?

    “Can you tell me a bit more about the things that are bothering you? I’ve read that you’re pretty unhappy with us. I would love to understand why.”

  2. drsmith says:

    When I read these postings, it occurs to me that it’s possible that someone at these companies will notice the consumerist’s daily postings and put in the extra effort for just this week. Wouldn’t it be better to perform the tests in secret and then post the results? I realize it’s not a scientific study. However, as a consumer, I probably wouldn’t want to make a decision to buy a phone from some company that was ‘phoning it in’ during their evaluation.