Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There With a Rebuttal #2

On Friday, a State Farm agent wrote in to rebut some remarks a reader made about feeling extorted. We posted his letter, which started off a dig at competitor Progressive by noting that its CEO, Peter Lewis, was a marijuana proponent.

Hoping for more blood, we sent the agent a comments login invite. He declined, saying:

    “Thanks, Ben, I’ll not continue the debate with you . Just having a little consumer moment myself. I like the word “extorty” by the way. Creative. Every issue has two sides. Just wanted see how mine might be received. I got the remarks I expected. I read the Peter Lewis thing by the way in Forbes magazine. Does that information discredit him? Didn’t mean to disparage him in any way. “

Nice double-back, apparently there’s also two sides to every face.


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