More on AP Blog Plagiarism: “We only credit blogs we know.”

Some follow-up to the story we reported on the other day about the AP not crediting bloggers. Luscious Larissa Alexandrovich, the blogger who was plagiarized by AP for a story she did on revised guidelines for US security clearance, wrote us to point our attention to the new tact AP is taking to excuse the plagiarism: now they claim that while they do credit bloggers, they don’t credit bloggers they don’t know.

See if you can bend your brain around that one. If you can successfully do it, you will likely find yourself floating above the earth in a fluid-filled embryonic sack, a gigantic Kubrickesque space fetus. We’ve got to run through the logic here out loud: the AP is claiming they only credit bloggers they know as sources. Yet they plagiarized Larissa’s story practically verbatim, which implies… you know… that they actually read her blog.

So is the AP claiming they only know the blogs they don’t know? This is the zen-like logic we expect from commune Buddhists who have smoked most of their own clothes, not a highly respected source like the Associated Press. This story just keeps getting funnier. We love you, Larissa.

Now “We Credit Blogs we Know” – AP Part II [Huffington Post] (Thanks, Larissa!)
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