Morgan Spurlock Ridicules Indians And “Retards” To Delight Of Students

Morgan Spurlock, jackass:

In his hourlong presentation before 700 students, Spurlock joked about the intelligence of McDonald’s employees, using an Indian accent as he imitated a cashier trying to figure out how to ring up a Quarter Pounder hamburger. He also joked about “retarded kids in the back wearing helmets” and teachers smoking pot in the balcony.

There actually were special education students in the back row. Teachers led them out during the hourlong presentation.

Wow, racism and making fun of the mentally disabled. Nice! This guy is better than McDonald’s why exactly? At least McDonald’s hires people not “privileged” enough to be white and gives people the chance to work for a living even though they are disabled. Where as Spurlock’s ideal fast food restaraunt would apparently be staffed entirely by those who’d passed through a Goebbels-inspired racial cleansing filter. Consumerists need a better anti-McDonald’s spokesman than this idiot.

“Super Size Me” maker Morgan Spurlock riles teachers, delights kids at U.S. high school [Mainichi Daily News]


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  1. TedSez says:

    Spurlock is a stand-up comedian who had the bright idea of expanding one “Jackass”-style stunt into a whole movie. Unlike Eric Schlosser, who did a huge amount of important original research for his book “Fast Food Nation,” Spurlock then just went to the same commentators who are quoted in every “Self” magazine diet article and got them to say that too much junk food is bad for you. As a result of the movie’s success, now HE’S being seen as the expert on the entire food industry — and, not surprisingly, it looks like he’s not up to the job.

  2. non-meat-stick says:

    So they hire the guy from the Mc Donald’s Movie and tell him not to talk about Mc Donald’s because a board member of the education association owns a franchise. That sounds equally suspicious, whose best interests does that guy have in mind?

  3. L_Emmerdeur says:

    Inside every tree-hugging, Birkenstock-clad dirty hippy is a jackbooted yuppie waiting to come out. All it takes is money to turn the cocooned caterpillar into a butterfly with swastikas for wings.