Monday Morning Reminder: Write Us!

Just our Monday Morning Reminder that we want your tips, experiences, complaints, comments, suggestions, criticisms, naked pictures, death threats, bank account details… just about anything you’re willing to send us over at

We can’t do it without you. Your experiences and interests fuel this site… a large amount of our daily content comes from you, and we’re always happy to post reader emails or tips, along with a credit and a link. Here’s just a few of the stories of the last week that came from readers writing in:

Consumers Write: Gevalia Coffee Treats Customers Right
Spitzer Sues FreeIpods.Com: Spinners of Spam Dreams
ConEd Robots Beg Payments By Phone…
Alma Beats Omaha’s Meats
Expedia Throws Its Voice
The Consumerist Saves Lives
Consumerist Complaints: Stolen FedEx Package
HSBC Conspiracy of Dunces to Stop Wire Transfers

Come on, write to us already!

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