Funeral Directors Want Londoners To Kill Themselves

Last time we posted a picture of an advertisement encouraging people to kill themselves, a reader commented: “If they said things like “kids like psp” no one would give two fucks and the consumerist wouldnt be posting everyday, giving the psp more exposure that it would ever have on a site like this. quit reading into this shit, and shut up”

We’re right there with you man. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly run a site like this by not talking about clueless companies, stupid ads and bad customer service. Trust us, we’ve tried to convince our Gawker overlords to take the Consumerist in a direction where they continue to pay us, yet we don’t have to write anything intelligible. They aren’t biting… they point to Kotaku as a failed experiment in that direction. So the reader in the comment above will have to join us in howling at the moon, flinging feces and clubbing each other to death with monkey femurs in our impotent rage over the injustice of having to actually, you know, write stuff for a living.

Which is only tangentially apropos to the above ad we saw on Adfreaks. Like the Playstation ad, it encourages readers to get themselves vaporized by an incoming train. Even better, it is for a Funeral Director’s Association.

Another subway ad that wants you to jump [AdFreak]
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