McDonald’s Employees Eat Better Food Than Us

McDonald’s employees, tired of eating the nigh-inedible offal which they slop out to customers day after day, have formed a Livejournal community dedicated to sharing with one another the culinary delights they have created for themselves with McDonald’s ingredients in a McDonald’s kitchen. Amazingly, a lot of it looks pretty good…

Barbecue Tortilla Pizza – Two tortilla shells, two 10:1 patties, chopped, one packet Barbecue sauce, diced tomatoes, slivered onions, green peppers, shredded Montery/Cheddar cheese. Using some of the cheese, place in between two tortilla shells on a parchment lined pie pan. Using a sundae spoon, coat the tortilla with barbecue sauce (may use more than one packet if desired). Top with meat, then vegetables, then remainder of cheese. Cook under ‘Ready Baked Biscuit’ (9min) or ‘Baked Pie’ (12min).

Heck, we’d eat that, although we’re not quite sure about the Pregnant Craving Special. Of course, don’t expect anything as edible-looking as a Barbecue Tortilla Pizza to appear at a McDonald’s near you anytime soon. Still, we’re tempted to print off some of these recipes and see if enough counter fist-pounding and apoplectic seizures will get the McDonald’s around the corner to make us one of these.

What McDonald’s Employees Eat [Fast Food News]


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  1. Hawkins says:

    What do you think a 10:1 patty is?

    Sounds like a ratio. Meat / hydraulic fluid?

  2. I doubt it. Probably meat:fat. Which is part of the problem – fat is what makes burgers taste GOOD. 10:1 is a pitiful ratio.

  3. airship says:

    I believe a 10:1 patty is one that is 10 patties to the pound. In other words, the one that goes into the basic under-a-buck hamburger and cheeseburger. Which means, by the way, that McD’s gets about $8 a pound for stuff that just barely qualifies under the law as ‘hamburger’.

  4. Paul D says:

    Well, if you’ve read Fast Food Nation, you’d know it’s probably 10:1 meat to shit.

  5. Ben Popken says:

    Arthur writes:

    Before telling you my amusing story I want to protest the “nigh-inedible offal” comment. Ok, consider it protested.

    I worked at the local McDonalds back in 1973. At one time the manager got all gung-ho on concepts like “team morale”. He started having meetings (pep-talks) every month or so. I don’t recall anything useful going on but he paid us for showing up so we did. Anyway, at one meeting, during the breakfast hours, he rewarded us for our attendance with a steak and hash-fried potato meal. The steaks were cooked on the grill right next to the McMuffins. It was little annoying to be hacking away at the steaks with itty bitty plastic forks and knives but they tasted great.

    There were dozens of employees eating their steaks at once. No space for all these people in the back of the store so we ate in the dining room with the customers. I sat at a table next to some old guy munching on an Egg McMuffin. I’m chowing down thick, juicy steak. He’s eating an English Muffin with an fried egg and some grilled meat. He looks at my meal. He looked at his McMuffin. I can’t describe his expression but he didn’t seem happy!