Bezos is a Toy’s R Us Kid

Jeff Bezos, CEO, is a Toy’s-R-Us Kid.

Even as Amazon waged its $750 million dollar lawsuit against Toys R Us and pleaded with the Court to allow Amazon to stop doing business with the toy seller, CEO Jeff Bezos and his wife were busy updating their Amazon Wishlists.

They asking folks to buy them Star Wars merchandise from Toys R Us, continuing to add lots of items right up to the week before a Judge ruled Amazon breached its deal with Toys R Us.

Gotta get that Darth mask, Jeff, put it in your close right next to the Austin Powers suit. (Thanks to Nick!)


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  1. Transuranic says:

    Hey Bezos, why don’t you buy me the home computer I could never afford while slaving away for your company, stock options included.

    However, thanks for cancelling the Bangalore call center and bringing the work back to us ‘Murricans (and to Washington State, no less.)