Consumerist Kit: The Handbook of Savvy

Check out the free 166 page 2006 Consumer Action Handbook as published by the Federal Citizen Information Center.

Among other things it
s got contact info for Better Business Bureaus, Corporate Consumer Offices, Car Manufacturers and Resolution Programs, State Office and Federal Agencies and more.

s a direct link to the full pdf.

s got advice for how to be a savvier consumer, from before you make the purchase to how to go about filing a complaint against a company in a way that elicits a response, and what to do if it doesn

You can also send away for the hard-copy book here.

We’re going to add it to our “Consumerist Kit” which you’ll be able to look up later using the tag “Consumerist Kit.” Clever, no?

Worse comes to worse, even if you don
t find any of the information useful, it
s got a nice big version of George Bush
s signature. Perfect for forging those
Please Excuse
Please excuse Johnny as he was busy searching for weapons of mass destruction.

(Thanks to Jim!)

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