Cool Bar Codes For Products And Foreheads

As all men know, in our dystopian future, bar codes will be tattooed directly over our pineal gland for easier government processing. This is supported by a vast library of dystopian fiction and comic books. And — as those high school sophomores who will so feverishly insist that 1984 is Orwell’s line by line premonition of the Bush Administration well know — these things always come true. So those of us with a flair for fashion should probably start thinking ahead about what statement we want our bar codes to make.

Thankfully, Bar Code Revolution exists to help us make the choice. Separate yourself from the Soylent Green pack by sporting a trendy surfer riding the waves, or a choo-choo train, or Cinderella’s palace. Bring a glimmer of fun into a grim, nightmarish future!

Link: Bar Code Revolution

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