HOWNOTTO: Buy a Laptop

UPDATE: Patricia wrote in how she purchased a defective laptop from the Uniwill corporation who didn’t respond to her requests for them to live up to their warranty for on-site service. Even after finally getting through to the repair center and sending her laptop in, it was sent back in exactly the same condition: it powered down whenever a CD was inserted.

She reports the Better Business Bureau has opened a case and Uniwill has until the 11th of March to respond. She says further that the laptop was purchased from the MAX Group, a discount wholesale computer seller. So it may be that the Uniwill is simply a reseller. But if so, they shouldn’t offer full on-site warranties if they can’t live up to them.

We’ll say it again, always buy from a reputable source with a positive track record. Otherwise, you may as well be buying a paper bag covered with question marks, which won’t be the best for getting a good product at a reasonable price but can be fashioned later into a fetching clutch for your Riddler halloween costume.


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  1. carpenterako says:

    Uniwill Corporation as the manufacturer of the laptop computer should honor the manufacturer’s warranty. They are solely liable and should repair the laptop properly. No blame should land with Max Group because they did pointed out to the customer to bring the repair issue to the manufacturer which is the common industry practice.