HOWNOTTO: Buy a Laptop

UPDATE: Patricia wrote in how she purchased a defective laptop from the Uniwill corporation who didn’t respond to her requests for them to live up to their warranty for on-site service. Even after finally getting through to the repair center and sending her laptop in, it was sent back in exactly the same condition: it powered down whenever a CD was inserted.

She reports the Better Business Bureau has opened a case and Uniwill has until the 11th of March to respond. She says further that the laptop was purchased from the MAX Group, a discount wholesale computer seller. So it may be that the Uniwill is simply a reseller. But if so, they shouldn’t offer full on-site warranties if they can’t live up to them.

We’ll say it again, always buy from a reputable source with a positive track record. Otherwise, you may as well be buying a paper bag covered with question marks, which won’t be the best for getting a good product at a reasonable price but can be fashioned later into a fetching clutch for your Riddler halloween costume.

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