Stupid Advertising: Harrison Ford for Equifax

…only to discover his identity had already been stolen by a Correllian brigand in a galaxy far, far away.

Click the image for the full (stupid) ad.


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  1. airship says:

    “In the movie Terminator, Arnold Schwarzanegger turns to Smith & Wesson to exterminate what’s-her-name!” Who cares what happens in the movies? It doesn’t relate at all to how things work in real life!
    Oh, wait a minute, I forget it’s the 21st Century and people are sheep who will consume anything they see a celebrity endorsing.
    Never mind.

  2. mrscolex says:

    That look upon Harrison Ford’s face is the look of a man who realized that he has sold his soul.

    Speaking of selling your soles:,+robot+converse&svnum=

    Anyone remember Will Smith’s shameless plug for converse? “Yeah man, vintage 2005”

  3. CTSLICK says:

    Worst…tie in…ever

  4. Paul D says:

    “The Net” with Sandra Bullock…

  5. OkiMike says:

    At least Wayne’s World was up front about it.

  6. Chris H says:

    Not only is it a bad tie in, it’s false advertising. These credit watch services do not prevent identity theft. They are remedial and they only alert you to fraud after it has occurred. If you want to stop identity theft, you should freeze your credit, not buy these scam products.

  7. mrscolex says:

    Good point, Chris, part of the irony is how shockingly little equifax provides for Identity Theft prevention.

    Equifax holds many people by the balls as far as their credit goes, you’d atleast figure that they could extend the generosity to have their computer system be a bit more advanced to flag potential identity fraud when it happens. We know they can do it because its easy: Address conflicts often are the first sign– it wouldn’t take a google specialist to design a way to determine that someone is having problems and identify them immediately.