How-To Run A Viral Marketing Campaign

We’re not as hip as our editor, Ben Whatsisface [ed: Popken!]. How could we be? We live in Dublin, for Chrissakes. We don’t have a crewcut, we don’t have glasses. By extension, we probably don’t have his panache with the ladies, nor his disestablishmentarianist fervor.

So we’re very secure in admitting that we have no idea what “Drinking Mate (Amargo)” is, while Ben would probably know it instantly. But the other half of this Step-By-Step Guide — the half detailing How to Plan A Viral Marketing Campaign — is something we can definitely understand. In it, they detail step-by-step how an intrepid corporation can appropriate a popular graffiti cartoon, modify it to espouse their product, then break numerous vandalism laws by paying street artists to paint it on private property. Just like countless scummy corporations like Sony and McDonald’s have done before! Excelsior!

Link: How To Plan A Viral Campaign [via Screenhead]

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