Round 5: Jet Blue vs. Southwest

I would like to nominate “The Airline Industry As A Whole.” And include Southwest and Jet Blu. They both suck as well, they just don’t suck as bad as the rest of the industry. My 180,000 miles a year says so.

Rick Dobbs

And so it was willed.

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  1. nweaver says:

    So take the two LEAST sucky airlines? Why not make a HARD decision, eg
    United vs America West/US Air.

  2. Paul D says:


    IMO, Southwest is at the top of its game.

    Never flown Jetblue, so I guess I’ll vote for them, ‘cuz Southwest rules.

  3. Jen says:

    I’m with nweaver. Southwest and JetBlue are the best airlines out there. Where are Delta or Continental? They’ve screwed me over a few times in recent years.

    Given this choice, I’m voting for Southwest just because I hate the way they make me feel like cattle.

  4. I vote for Southwest. (Despite the fact that I fly them constantly.)

    I flew home on saturday. Not only did I get to sit through the zinger-filled safety instructions (“If you smoke in the bathrooms you’ll be fined $2000. And let’s face it; if you could afford that you’d be flying United! HAR HAR!) but I had to endure the jackass in the seat in front of me replying with even-less-witty cracks each time the speaker took a breath. A legitimate airline would have tied him too his seat and stuffed a ballgag in his mouth for the duration. But here on Southwest, we just grin awkwardly and wait for the moment we can turn on our iPods.


  5. nweaver says:

    jen: As I’ve posted before, their “cattle call” open seating has some real advantages: inexpensive walk up fairs, no change fees, retroactive rebooking to take advantage of sale prices etc…

    As long as I’m not going past the mississippi, I’ll gladly take seat-roulette in return for the flexibility.

  6. geedeck says:

    Not that snarking isn’t fun, but Southwestern isn’t really the best choice. You might as well start a “Complain about shitty, unreliable cars” thread and call out Toyota and then ignore Mitsubishi or Chrystler.

  7. Rick Dobbs says:

    I think picking the two airlines out there that are regarded as “the best” is great (and not just because I was quoted, well, maybe a little).

    If this was any other industry and the levels of service and comfort that JetBlu and Southwest offered were translated to that industry, those companies would be out of business.

    It’s not that these airlines are raising the bar, it’s just that we’ve come to expect so little from airlines that we now prefer getting beat with a stick rather than a wrench. But we’re still getting beat with something.