Battle to be America’s Cleanest Toilet

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These two sound good enough to eat butt off.

* Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, in Atlantic City, whose restrooms – with their stainless steel sinks, choice of hand towels or dryers and warm wood tones – “spare no expense.” Nominator looked for: cleanliness; style; an attendant; scented air; plenty of sinks, urinals and stalls with proper locking devices.

* Wendell’s Restaurant, in Westerville, Ohio, whose sports-themed restrooms are “praised for being neat, clean and having lots of towels and even mouthwash.”

No surprise that none of the contenders are in New York City. Manhattan has no restrooms and you couldn’t use them, even if it did, which it doesn’t and it’s not saying where there might be one.

America’s Cleanest Restroom Contest [Cincinnati Post via BoingBoing]

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