French Use Naked Women To Sell Cheese

The French finally have the right idea about something. Shying away from the stuffy pretension the lugubrious Frogs have usually employed to advertise their food stuffs, one sassy mademoiselle is promoting cheese in the way God intended: by photographing various semi-clad French wenches holding plates of camembert in their bras and panties. Can we — the loyal consumers of numerous baguette-spreadable cheeses — do anything less than offer this visionary a tripod salute?

The Telegraph has the full story on the naked cheese women:

Making a smelly cheese sexy is no easy task, but a group of French women posing in their underwear are giving it their best shot.

The Calendrier des From’Girls (Cheese Girls’ Calendar) is the brainchild of V
ronique Richez-Lerouge, the founder of France’s regional cheese association and its national cheese day. She is also the face of December for the calendar.

She hopes that the charms of Mademoiselle M
line Camembert, Mademoiselle B
nice Brie de Meaux or Mademoiselle Pont l’Ev
que will melt the traditional image of pongy cheese.

The article ends with this quote from Miss Richez-Lerouge:

“I recently had a wonderful unpasteurised Stilton in Paris,” she said. “Why not launch a Miss Stilton yourselves?”

We’ve got a wonderful idea for a joint British-French cheese cheesecake spokesmodel: “Miss Paris Stilton”. Wokka wokka!

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