Urban Outfitters Rips Designer’s Panda T-Shirt

The Urban Outfitters design theft accusations just don’t stop. Molly Roth writes:

For the past year, I’ve been struggling to get my e-tee shop off the ground. Madapollam.com has 4 original t-shirt designs that I made myself. I’ve been using Myspace.com and Livejournal as avenues to advertise my site.

Just this evening, my friends told me that they saw a t-shirt on Urban Outfitters that looked eerily like one of mine.

I checked it out. I can’t imagine that they didn’t rip their idea from me.

It’s too bad that my original artwork is not going to reach the thousands of people who may end up buying that Urban Outfitters shirt – just some lame-o immitation.

Molly’s shirt is on the left, UO’s on the right.

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