Does Gary Coxe Need More Self-Self-Help?

Haven’t had enough of Gary Coxe, self-help superstar? This anonymous tipster writes to tell us exactly how successful Gary’s amazing program has been for Coxe himself:

The helicopter Gary is standing behind is not even his. He leases it!

The several business he owns are 2- a helicopter school (with a leased helicopter) where he maybe has 2 students and his company where he spams people to buy his book and where he sells self-help bullshit.

The building he runs BOTH business out of is a falling apart ‘renovated’ warehouse space.

He does own his own plane, but that is nothing to write home about either. It is an aztec, that looks like it should be in a scrap yard.

Did I mention his car. This man who supposedly has so much drives a rusted out Dodge Intrepid and his wife drives an older hyundai station wagon.

Oh and the ironic part is that is is always this pushy. He is also a Jehova’s Witness whom will knock on your door and not shut up when you answer.

I have a friend who used to be a sales person for Gary and my friend will not come foward because I guess he was under some kind of contract not to ‘slander’ the dick, but I am a different story!

Tell your friend to buck up!