Consumers Speak: Omni Technologies RAM Leaves Bad Memories

The reader complaints here on The Consumerist can be a bit murky at times, but if everything in Michael G’s story is as he reports then there’s no reason not to blacklist this company from your shopping selections. We’ll put his whole complaint about Omni Technologies after the jump, but we’d like to excerpt one bit from it here just to highlight the absolute insanity of their responses.

After two weeks of waiting for the RAM to arrive, I called them back and spoke to a Mr. Grant. He gave me some BS about that memory still being manufactured…

RAM for computers (a Mac in this case) is manufactured by a very small set of companies, all of whom buy the actual memory chips from companies like Samsung and Hynix Semiconductor—not podunk companies who can’t figure out how to put text on a website without using Photoshop. In fact, in a shocking bit of journalistic fervor, we called them and asked. They don’t make the chips nor sticks of memory themselves, they told us. So what they were trying to say, when they said the chips were being manufactured, were that they were out of stock.

Read Michael’s whole story after the jump, then take the time to peruse Omni Technologies’ (generally negative) Reseller Ratings and (generally positive) eBay feedback.

On November 11, 2005, I spoke with a representative of Omni Technologies in Florida, wanting to order some RAM for my new Mac. He advised me which kind would be best, and after that, I placed an order for it via their website. I printed out the order confirmation, which said, among other things, “pending shipment.” I also noticed that they had billed my card for the $229.99 the next day.

It got ugly from here.

After two weeks of waiting for the RAM to arrive, I called them back and spoke to a Mr. Grant. He gave me some BS about that memory still being manufactured, and, oh yeah, they couldn’t sell it to me at the price they had already billed me for! Now he wanted $360! I told him they’d already billed my card and accepted my order, and I expected them to fulfill it as originally stated. He replied he’d do that in the interest of “customer satisfaction,” and told me to call back in two weeks, when he thought he’d have the RAM in stock.


Fast-forward to January 3, 2006. After waiting an eternity on hold, “Ron” said the best that they could do for this order was $269. I told him just to cancel the order and refund my card, since they obviously had no intention of honouring the order. “Ron” seemed surprised when I told him Omni had already billed my card, and said he needed to “check with accounting.” He said he’d call me back. Of course, there was no call. I called Omni back on the 4th and again spoke to “Ron.” This time, he promised a refund and an email confirmation within 24-48 hours. I asked him to tell me my email address for confirmation, and he did.

Of course, still no email or credit.

Today, the 10th, I spoke with “Chris.” I explained the situation to him, and he seemed surprised when he pulled up the order and said, “it looks like you cancelled the order?” I reiterated to him that Omni refused to honour their own price, even after they billed my card, and that “Ron” had promised a refund at the end of last week. “Chris” told me — wait for it– that he’d take care of it right after he checked it with accounting! Upon asking for a manager or supervisor, of course neither happened to be around now either.

I told him I’d been around this circle before, and if I didn’t see this resolved by Wednesday, I’d file a claim here in Virginia– and explained to him that it would cost Omni a lot more to answer the charges up here than to just do what they were supposed to do.

So, to sum up:

Omni quoted me a price on RAM, billed my card, then tried to change the price. After almost two months, I’ve yet to receive the RAM or a refund. Two terms come to mind: bait-and-switch and stealing.


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  1. Papercutninja says:

    Let me be the first to call Michael G an Asshat.
    He wanted to cheap out, so he went the route of the slightly shady cut-rate memory supplier thinking he could save a few bucks.

    * HYPERFORMANCE™ OMNI TECHNOLOGIES® BRAND 2GB 240-pin PC2-3200 DDR2 400 RAM *SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! * (this must be amazing if it is indeed HYPERFORMANCE) for $299.99

    CORSAIR 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 400 (PC2 3200) ECC Registered System Memory Model CM75DD2048R-400 – OEM for $289.00 via Newegg

    Oh my GOD! Going the mainstream, less shady route actually woulda SAVED his ass $10!!! Sweet merciful crap!

  2. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    Papercutninja, allow me to be the first to call you an Asshat!

    The point of the story was not: he was angling for a bargain and got screwed. The point of the story was: he thought he had a bargain and they tried to switch him out to a higher price. In addition they gave him the runaround as to the whys regarding the delay. To top it all off they have yet to credit his account.

    Your example of Newegg currently selling ram for less than Omni is completely irrelevant. The purchase was made November 11th, not today. I don’t have a handle on what Newegg and Omni were charging relative to one another at the time and neither do you.

    For being such a massive dick about things, you seem to be under informed and making a few key assumptions. The main assumption is that he’s got a desktop Mac released after October. IIRC correctly the only Macs that take a 240 pin are the October and later Powermacs and iMacs. Trust me you could have purchased a new mac from Apple that is a desktop and doesn’t take 240 pin ram as recently as 2 minutes ago.

    The ram that you link to is also PC 3200 (400MHZ Bus). The Macs that accept a 240 pin are PC 4200 (533 MHZ Bus). You can’t over clock on a Mac, so I don’t think the memory would function properly. You’re welcome to try, but I wouldn’t.

    So please quit trying to prove to everyone how smart you are. Please don’t call some guy an asshat who’s posted his tale of woe. YOU can find ram cheap! Therefore YOU are a s00per genius. I get it.

    Mike G. Check out:

    for Mac Upgrades. If you really do need 2GB DIMMs they have them for $299. For the record, they are $312 at Newegg.
    They also have a model listed at Newegg for $199, which I am suspect of (no ECC).

  3. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    PS. if you don’t require the ECC ram (ie. for an iMac, you can get it for $259 at the link above).

  4. Papercutninja says:

    I’m not here for a flame war, and i do have to say that RowdyRoddyPiper has an entirely valid post. BUT this is a real simple case of buyer beware. Anyone who shops online knows a legit e-tailer and one that is slightly shady. WHen buying a relatively big-ticket item like 2GB of RAM, certainly most people would go for a recognized, legit source. For instance, you recommended I don’t own a Mac, but even i know that site. I would never ever buy from someone called omnitechnologies.

    BTW, i arbitrarily picked RAM for the price comparison, as i had no idea what kind of Mac he had. I did, however make sure they were the same type for a simple price comparison. Also, he mentioned it was for a new Mac, which could’ve been bought after October.

    There’s bargain hunting and there’s foolish bargain hunting. This case is an example of the latter.

  5. RowdyRoddyPiper says:

    Fair enough; I’m not here for that either. So let’s refrain from calling eachother and fellow consumers asshats…let’s save our name calling for the corporate drones and soulless merchants of crap who make our shopping lives one scene from The Trial (how do you do underline?) after the next.