Today in LoBo: Soda Can Cuffs

Independent design collective retailer (we’re just stringing together words until they mean something [everyday]) Elsewares is selling these beer and soda can cuffs for $80 a pop. Cuffs are borderline passe anyway, but when coupled with pop culture brand references, they very nearly cause our irony gland to liquify. That said, if you’re going to spend four Jacksons on a pop can, please pick one with a nice design, like the always-classy Tab soda.

But here’s how to make this particularly cool, we think: The website says the popularity is causing delays in shipment due to manufacturing. We wager that means you could probably get a model made out of a can of your choosing and not just one of the pre-selected variants, should you take the time to email the creator and make sure it’s okay to send them a rinsed-out can. (We don’t know if this is at all possible, but for $80, we feel that a little customization isn’t too much to ask.)

[via the fashion gurus at Boing Boing]

Note: ‘LoBo’ is something we just presumptuously coined. It means ‘Low-end Boutique.’

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