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Consumers Speak: More Omni Technologies Hassles

I was perhaps the first to get this treatment from Omni back in 2003:

Omni Technologies Responds

Omni Technologies’ Customer Service Director Cary Janssen wrote regarding the Michael G’s complaint about the company we posted yesterday.


Consumers Speak: Omni Technologies RAM Leaves Bad Memories

The reader complaints here on The Consumerist can be a bit murky at times, but if everything in Michael G’s story is as he reports then there’s no reason not to blacklist this company from your shopping selections. We’ll put his whole complaint about Omni Technologies after the jump, but we’d like to excerpt one bit from it here just to highlight the absolute insanity of their responses.

After two weeks of waiting for the RAM to arrive, I called them back and spoke to a Mr. Grant. He gave me some BS about that memory still being manufactured…

RAM for computers (a Mac in this case) is manufactured by a very small set of companies, all of whom buy the actual memory chips from companies like Samsung and Hynix Semiconductor—not podunk companies who can’t figure out how to put text on a website without using Photoshop. In fact, in a shocking bit of journalistic fervor, we called them and asked. They don’t make the chips nor sticks of memory themselves, they told us. So what they were trying to say, when they said the chips were being manufactured, were that they were out of stock.