Hopeless Petitions: Back to the Future Nikes

We know the chances of this actually working are slim-to-none, but as burgeoning sneaker junky, we’ve got to mention it. Someone has created an online petition requesting that Nike create the future high-tops worn by Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future II. They look strangely hip these days, and it’s actually possible to affordably recreate the glowing Nike logo from the movie. (The powered lacing might be a little bit more difficult, but it’s probably not unpossible, either.)

So that leads to a natural question: What products, created by the movie industry at the behest of paying corporations, would you actually like to see produced? And does seeing a company’s brand extrapolated to the future make it seem cooler or somehow cheapen it?

[via Mr Kamoji]


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  1. John says:

    How about that dial-a-sex-phone-transmat thingy in “Logan’s Run”?
    Jessica 6 please!

    Seriously, universal translators, cloaking devices and medical scanners from Star Trek are always on the tops of the military’s technology wish lists. And gun-toting Yule Brenner robots.

  2. John says:

    Oh, and another thing. The Taco Bell reference in “Demolition Man” still cracks me up to this day. About the only thing I remember about that movie, except for the “sex” scene.

  3. Joel Johnson says:

    The only thing I remember about Demolition Man was the scene where Stallone curses to get a bunch of paper slips so he doesn’t have to “use the shells.” The reason I remember this is because it took me literally like five years to get that joke, which was totally not worth the wait.

  4. Coco Schwab says:

    Fuck the Nikes. I want a hoverboard!

  5. mrscolex says:

    Wait, theres a joke to the “use the shells” reference in demolition man? Wow. I must be a moron because I don’t get it…

  6. Woodwater says:

    I second the motion.


  7. dukerayburn says:

    There was a similar petition to get the Team Zissou special edition Adidas shoes made, but it never happened. The official Life Aquatic site had them listed in the store, but only as an Out Of Stock graphic, and never an actual product. Damn shame, that.

  8. John says:

    You know, when Nike came out with the pump, I immediately thought of the BTTFII shoes. A microprocessor with a small battery operated pump could pump the shoes up and stop at a preset pressure. Just hit the button and instant fit shoes, with NO laces. Don’t know if it all could withstand “sports” but how many of those shoes ever do?