Overdraft Charges: Fallen from Grace Periods

We’ve noticed in our short tenure as The Consumerist that few of customers’ complaints against companies actually involve large sums. Take this bit of hatred about Bank of America:

In fact, my reason is very petty $19.
That’s the overdraft fee I was charged because while Bank of America (and I) slept, the banking trolls determined that my account had insufficient funds for a couple of hours before my payroll direct deposit posted and after a charge of $40.49 posted.
Though no representative of Bank of America will tell me what exact times each transaction occurred, they assured me that they know that the bad one came first, and that even though they have no specific record of it, they can assure me that I had a negative balance… for an undetermined period of time.

Cutting it close is user error, for sure, but we can remember (imagine?) a time when banks used to cover for a person when paychecks crossed the finish line just behind a check for eighty-nine cents. (We have a thing for those little brown coconut donuts.)

Does anyone out there have a bank that doesn’t nail you for cutting it close?