World’s Most Expensive Whisky Would Cost You $628K (If Someone Hadn’t Already Bought It)

Thinking about all the things one could buy for $628,205 could make your head spin: A new house! With a room full of cheese, and only cheese! A fleet of adorable cats on scooters! And of course, a plethora of other things. Or if you’re the person who just bought the record-setting most expensive bottle of whisky, well that cool half-million and then some will get you… whisky.  [More]


And Now, A Moment Of Silence For $750K In Whisky Accidentally Flushed Down The Drain

We would pour one out for Chivas Brothers in remembrance of the loss of about 18,000 liters of Scotch whisky, but, well, plenty has been poured out already. Workers accidentally flushed around $750,000 worth of bulk whisky instead of the waste water they were supposed to dispose of at a bottling plant in Scotland this week. [More]

Drunk Pilot's Excuse: I Got Sauced While Sleeping

Drunk Pilot's Excuse: I Got Sauced While Sleeping

An American Airlines pilot was acquitted of the charge of attempting to operate a plane while under the influence of alcohol. The cause for acquittal: Sleepdrinking!