Drunk Pilot's Excuse: I Got Sauced While Sleeping

An American Airlines pilot was acquitted of the charge of attempting to operate a plane while under the influence of alcohol. The cause for acquittal: Sleepdrinking!

A British jury in Manchester heard testimony that first officer James Yates had been on a six-hour drinking binge the night before his flight to Chicago. However, what put him over the top was the third of a bottle of whiskey which he believes he drank in his sleep.

He denied trying to actually co-pilot the plane, claiming that he wanted to get to the airport to alert the captain that he was in no condition to fly. He was busted at the security checkpoint. The flight was delayed, but luckily only sober pilots guided the plane home.

The money quote:

He said a third of a bottle of whisky he had bought that day may have disappeared overnight, because “strange things” sometimes happened in his sleep.

“Strange things”? Any other examples? Do tell!

Despite being let off the hook by the jury, he is expected to lose his job. MARK ASHLEY

Pilot: I drank in my sleep [The Herald-Sun]
(Photo: NoiseCollusion)

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