what a waste

Not the macaroni salad in question. (Morton Fox)

Police Arrest 3 Suspects In Restaurant Burglary After Finding A “Steady Trail Of Macaroni Salad”

In the culinary justice system, restaurant thefts are not taken lightly. Luckily for the officers investigating a burglary at an Upstate New York establishment, there was a literal trail of evidence that wound up leading police to arrest three suspects. [More]


Researchers Say “Best Before” Dates Result In Massive Amounts Of Wasted Food

If you’re a regular reader of Consumerist, you’re likely aware that there’s a big difference between a “use by” and a “best before” date; the former is a sign that the food may be unsafe to eat after a certain date (though even that’s not always true) while the latter is an indicator that the item might not taste its best after that date, but is still safe to eat. However, many people don’t understand this distinction — and tons of food is wasted every year as a result. [More]


And Now, A Moment Of Silence For $750K In Whisky Accidentally Flushed Down The Drain

We would pour one out for Chivas Brothers in remembrance of the loss of about 18,000 liters of Scotch whisky, but, well, plenty has been poured out already. Workers accidentally flushed around $750,000 worth of bulk whisky instead of the waste water they were supposed to dispose of at a bottling plant in Scotland this week. [More]