Snapchat Totally Ready To Start Supporting Wearable Spectacles It Doesn’t Sell Yet

Image courtesy of Snap Spectacles

Many months ago, we learned that Snapchat was probably working on some kind of wearable devices. Now, we know what it’s called — and have proof that it should be available to buy much sooner rather than later.

Snapchat has quietly rolled out a new software update today while nobody is looking at anything other than red-and-blue color-coded maps, Mashable notes, and as part of that update, support for Spectacles is now official.

Spectacles are, basically, fancy sunglasses for taking first-person video clips for sharing to Snapchat. Touch the button, and they light up (to warn people you’re recording), record for ten seconds, and then post the clip via wifi or bluetooth to your Snapchat account.

That Snapchat connection is what got patched in today, Mashable explains. Snapchat now includes a buried setting to let you pair Spectacles with the app… except you can’t actually get Spectacles anywhere yet. Some Snap (formerly Snapchat) employees have been spotted wearing them in the wild, but there’s no word yet on where or when ordinary consumers can buy them.

Ads, however, are popping up all over. Mashable points to Twitter users who posted photos of Spectacles ads from airports in New York and Los Angeles, as well as billboard ads in Houston.

The Twitter account @Specs_Support is also live, but hasn’t yet had anything to say for itself.

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