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Fast Food, Airport, And Health Care Workers Stage Nationwide Walkout

The threatened strike of low-paid workers at Chicago’s O’Hare airport didn’t happen at Thanksgiving time as originally proposed, but did occur today as part of a nationwide series of strikes. In some cities, protesters blocking public streets were arrested, but the predicted disruption of air travel at the country’s busiest airports didn’t happen. [More]

Uber: No, We’re Not Going To Sell User Information

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Late last week, Twitter began to light up with claims that Uber had changed its terms of service to give the company the right to to modify and sell users’ data — not a minor concern for any privacy-minded consumer. However, Uber points out that the specific clause at the center of this mini-controversy is not new, not unique to the ride-hailing service, and doesn’t give the company that god-like authority some people are claiming. [More]

Woman Drives To Uber HQ To Get Account Issue Resolved Instead Of Waiting For Emailed Responses

Woman Drives To Uber HQ To Get Account Issue Resolved Instead Of Waiting For Emailed Responses

When you’ve got a problem that needs fixing and it’s not getting fixed fast enough, what’s an intrepid consumer to do? One woman who had an issue with her family’s Uber account was tired of waiting for customer service to email her back, so she hopped in her car and took a trip — actually, two trips — to visit Uber in person. [More]


Family Takes $362 Uber Ride Home From Dallas Cowboys Game

It cost a family about $40 to ride in an UberXL vehicle from their suburban home to AT&T Stadioum, where the Dallas Cowboys play. That’s not bad at all, and they didn’t have to worry about parking. The problem came on their return trip, when the driver took a strange detour to the wrong side of their suburb, and the trip ended up costing $362.81. [More]

Uber Driver Charged With Raping Unconscious Teenage Passenger

Uber Driver Charged With Raping Unconscious Teenage Passenger

An Uber driver in Laguna Beach, CA has been arrested and charged with raping an unconscious 17-year-old passenger in the back seat of his car. [More]


It’s Obviously Delightful When The “You’ve Got Mail” Guy Is Your Uber Driver

There are few certainties in this world — we live, we die, that’s about it — but one thing is for sure: if the voice behind AOL’s “You’ve got mail!” greeting is your Uber driver, you’re gonna make him recite those famous words so you can post a video of it on the internet. [More]

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Uber, Lyft, Zipcar Offer Free Or Discounted Rides To Polls On Election Day

Election Day is nearly here, and millions of Americans will head to their respective polling places on Tuesday. You might be able to drive, walk, bike, or jetpack to your voting site, but for those who need a ride (or just a car), a handful of companies are offering free or discounted options. [More]


Ride-Hailing Services Are Legal And Regulated In Philadelphia: Now What?

Ride-hailing apps, or transportation network companies (TNCs), have been in sort of a legal gray area in Philadelphia, but as of today, hailing a ride will be completely legal. Earlier today, the governor of Pennsylvania signed legislation that regulates the services. Like all laws, it’s imperfect, and stakeholders including taxi drivers and people with disabilities have complaints about it. [More]

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Uber Settles Lawsuit Brought By Two Passengers Who Accused Drivers Of Sexual Assault

Six months after a judge rejected Uber’s claim that it wasn’t responsible for its drivers’ actions after they turned the ride-hailing service app off, the company has settled with two passengers who sued it for hiring drivers accused of sexually assaulted them. The court didn’t reveal the terms of the settlement. [More]

Creepy Uber Driver Allegedly Gropes Passenger, Shows Up Outside Her House Later

Creepy Uber Driver Allegedly Gropes Passenger, Shows Up Outside Her House Later

A Silicon Valley Uber driver has been arrested and accused of sexual battery and stalking after not only allegedly groping and kissing a female passenger, but then showing up outside of her house later that evening. [More]


Uber Teaming Up With GM To Offer Car-Sharing Program For Drivers

Although GM has already invested $500 million in Lyft and has a $99/week program to rent cars to drivers on that platform, it seems the carmaker isn’t interested in playing favorites: GM has now teamed up with Uber to offer a car-sharing program for its drivers as well. [More]

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UK Employment Tribunal Rules That Uber Drivers Are Employees

The question of whether drivers for Uber and other app-based ride-hailing services is an international one, since the service relies on the same independent contractors model around the world. In the United Kingdom, an employment tribunal ruled that drivers for Uber, specifically, should have “employee” status, which includes minimum wage and paid time off. [More]


Uber Has Plans For An On-Demand Flying Car Service

Every time some company comes up with an idea that’s sort of like a flying car, we have to ask, “Yeah, but what about living like The Jetsons?” Uber has apparently been thinking about this too, announcing that it’s been working on a flying car project. [More]

Uber Adds Surge Pricing To Food Delivery

Uber Adds Surge Pricing To Food Delivery

For years, Uber has subscribed to a “surge” pricing model that increased the cost of a ride during peak times, like rush hours. Now, the ride-sharing company is taking that idea and bringing it to its UberEATS food delivery service in certain markets. [More]


Lyft Testing Paid Memberships That Offer Discounted Line Rides

Right now, anyone can hail a ride on Lyft or Uber, as long as they have the app installed on their phone — there are no monthly fees, just what you pay for each ride. But there could be good business in paid memberships, which is something Lyft says it’s going to test out for the month of November. [More]


Tesla’s Future Fully Self-Driving Cars Won’t Be Allowed On Uber, Lyft Platforms

As you may have heard, Tesla recently announced it would begin making fully autonomous vehicles. But if your enterprising mind immediately began thinking of ways you could make money by using your future self-driving car, say, by providing rides through Uber or Lyft, without actually driving, we’ve got some bad news: the electric carmaker will only allow its vehicles to be used on its own ride-share network.  [More]


Police: Miami Uber Driver Admitted He Sexually Assaulted Incapacitated Passenger

Police in Miami say an Uber driver has admitted to sexually battering a female customer while she was incapacitated after a night of drinking. [More]


You Can Now Hail A Ride Straight From Google’s Mobile Search Results

While Google already offers the option of hailing a cab or ride-service pickup from within Google Maps, the company will now let users order up a car straight from Google’s mobile search results. [More]