Uber Drivers Say That When They Turn Down Ride Requests, They Get Timeouts

Just like when your mom told you to go sit in the corner for refusing to pick up your toys, Uber drivers say that when they repeatedly turn down ride requests, they’re given timeouts. [More]

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Uber, Lyft, & Philly Cabs Have Showdown Of Their Own At The DNC

Do you remember the scene in Anchorman when all the different news teams have a giant, lethal street fight? We imagine the showdown between Uber, Lyft, and Philadelphia cab drivers over access to the Democratic National Convention to be similar. Okay, it’s not physical, but the accusations are flying between the three ride-providing groups related to where and when they can pick up and drop off passengers headed to the event.  [More]

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10 National Ice Cream Day Deals To Help Beat The Heat

National Ice Cream Day is officially July 17, or so the ice cream gods have proclaimed, but many businesses are either starting the festivities early or extending the sweet treat deals beyond Sunday. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get your brain freeze on. [More]

PA Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Temporary Truce Between Uber & Philadelphia


Not even 24 hours after a Philadelphia judge repeated her previous stance that the UberX car service is operating illegally in the city, the governor of Pennsylvania signed into a law a bill that authorizes a 90-day truce between Uber and the city’s Parking Authority. [More]

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Judge Rules Uber Is Still Illegal In Philadelphia, Despite Temporary Truce

In response to a petition from taxi drivers, advocates for disabled riders — and even some Uber Black drivers — a Philadelphia judge has said that Uber’s UberX car service is operating illegally in the city, regardless of a deal reached last week to allow UberX to temporarily operate in Philly without threat of legal action. [More]


Taxis Still Provide More Rides Than Uber In New York City

Since bursting onto the transportation scene, Uber has served as a contentious rival for traditional taxis, with the industry arguing that the ride-hailing service has taken away business and depleted driver’s take-home pay. But a new report suggests that simply isn’t the case, at least in New York City, where traditional cabs continue to dominate the streets.  [More]


Lyft Launches “Premier” Luxury Ride Service To Rival Uber Black

What’s a luxury-loving customer to do when they want to ride in style? Uber has its “Black” tier of service offering trips in more luxurious vehicles, and now Lyft is launching a new offering called Premier to compete for those customers willing to pay for the privilege of a fancier car. [More]


Police: Uber Driver Arrested For Refusing To Transport Group Of Blind People With Service Dogs

Uber has been called out in the past by blind customers and advocacy groups for the blind for drivers who refused to transport service animals, settling a lawsuit over that issue in May with the company promising to take steps to prevent such discrimination. But it seems some drivers still don’t understand that they’re required to accept service animals, with police in Orlando arresting an Uber driver who allegedly drove away from blind passengers with guide dogs. [More]

Uber Can Operate Legally In Philly During Public Transportation Snafu

Uber Can Operate Legally In Philly During Public Transportation Snafu

Even though Uber vehicles are readily available throughout Philadelphia, many of the ride-hailing company’s services are still illegal in the city. But with more than 115 regional rail cars pulled from service last weekend over safety concerns, a temporary truce will allow Uber to operate without threat of fines or arrest in the City of Brotherly Love.


Uber Will Start Tracking Driver Behavior Through Its App

The next time your Uber driver takes a turn too fast or slams the brakes at the last second, Uber will know. The company says driver behavior will start to be tracked through its app soon. [More]

Uber Adding Pandora Integration For Drivers; Offers Six Months Of Ad-Free Service

Uber Adding Pandora Integration For Drivers; Offers Six Months Of Ad-Free Service

Uber drivers looking to jam out with their riders now have another option. On top of allowing passengers to use Spotify on their journey, Uber has added Pandora integration to its drivers’ app, and will offer drivers six months of ad-free service at no cost.  [More]


Uber Switching To Upfront Pricing Model, Ditching Surge Icon (While Keeping Surge Prices)

While Uber is changing its app to make it easier for customers to see what they’ll pay for a ride upfront, the new version will make it harder to know when “surge pricing” has taken hold. [More]


How Much Do Uber Drivers Actually Earn? $13.25 An Hour Before 2016 Fare Cuts

Minimum wage laws don’t apply to drivers for ride-hailing apps. Since they’re independent contractors and must cover all of their vehicle expenses themselves, it’s difficult to figure out how much a driver makes at a glance without knowing what their expenses are. However, it turns out that Uber ran these numbers before a recent price cut, and provided raw data to Buzzfeed after the company’s calculations were leaked. [More]

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After Threatening To Leave City, Chicago Will Not Require Uber, Lyft Drivers Provide Fingerprints

Earlier this week, it looked like Chicago was about to become the biggest city to require that drivers for services like Uber and Lyft provide fingerprints to check against existing criminal databases; but after intervention by the Mayor Rahm Emanuel — whose brother is an Uber investor — Chicago city leaders have approved a compromise version of these rules that kick the fingerprint can down the road for at least another six months. [More]

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Austin City Councilman Sues Mayor To Overturn New Ride-Hailing App Ordinance

A new law requiring drivers for ride-hailing services to undergo a city background check, including fingerprinting, led the two leading companies in the industry, Uber and Lyft, to pull out of the Austin market, leaving passengers rideless and around 10,000 drivers jobless. Now a city councilman who was against the original law has filed a lawsuit against the city. [More]

Uber Teams Up With Capital One For Rewards Program

Uber Teams Up With Capital One For Rewards Program

For the most part Uber and credit cards go hand-in-hand: in order to hail a ride you must be willing to pay for your ride via a debit or credit card stored to your account. So it should come with little shock that the company is now partnering with Capital One on a rewards program for riders. [More]


Uber Investigator Pretended To Be Reporter To Dig Up Dirt On Lawsuit Plaintiff

Two years ago, Uber was heavily criticized (by basically everyone except investor/sort-of actor Ashton Kutcher) when an executive suggested the company should probe the personal life of a reporter who criticized the ridesharing service. Now Uber has gone from trying to dig up dirt on reporters, to hiring investigators who pretend to be reporters to dig up dirt on a someone suing the company. [More]


Former Uber And Lyft Drivers In Austin Sue Over Abrupt Pullout

In Austin, TX last month, city voters approved a ballot measure that would require drivers for ride-hailing apps to pass city background checks and be fingerprinted. Both companies immediately pulled out of the city, suddenly leaving thousands of workers, many of whom were driving for their full-time jobs, out of work. Now drivers are suing the companies, alleging that they were owed notice under the WARN Act. [More]