Uber “Local Rewards” Program Offers Free Rides For Shopping, Dining Out

Uber “Local Rewards” Program Offers Free Rides For Shopping, Dining Out

Two months ago, Uber launched a rewards program that offered free rides to users who used a Capital One credit card. Today, the company unveiled a separate reward program with Visa, providing free rides based on how much customers spend at local businesses.  [More]


Lyft Dismisses The Idea That It Even Wants A Buyer At All

A day after Uber reportedly shrugged off the idea of acquiring ride-hailing rival Lyft, the latter company says it’s not on the market, you know, anyway.  [More]

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Massachusetts Will Tax Uber & Lyft, Give Some Of The Money To Taxis

Uber or Lyft will soon be supporting their biggest rivals in the Old Bay State, thanks to a newly signed law regulating the ride-hailing industry. In all, Massachusetts will tack on a $.20/ride fee for these newer companies, with the revenue being divided up between the state, cities, and the taxi industry. [More]


Uber Reportedly Shrugs Off Idea Of Acquiring Lyft

With reports circulating that ride-hailing service Lyft may be looking to sell itself, it makes sense to think of Uber, its most prominent competitor, as a potential buyer. However, it seems very unlikely that regulators would allow this merger, or that Uber is even interested. [More]


Judge Rejects $100 Million Settlement Proposal In Uber Drivers Class Action

The man who ended up as the named plaintiff in a lawsuit of Uber drivers in Califoria and Massachusetts is dissatisfied with the proposed settlement of $100 million to be shared among all class members, and it turns out that the judge in the case doesn’t approve of that offer, either. The judge in the case agrees with him, it turns out, and both sides have been sent back to negotiate a new settlement. [More]


Uber Launching Self-Driving Ride-Share Vehicles In Pittsburgh This Month

The ride-sharing experience of the future is coming to Pittsburgh this month, when Uber will launch a fleet of autonomous cars — custom Volvo XC90s — that come with a human being to supervise in the driver’s seat. [More]

Uber Driver Accused Of Raping A Passenger In Atlanta

Uber Driver Accused Of Raping A Passenger In Atlanta

All too often we find ourselves writing about another occasion where an Uber driver is accused of assaulting a passenger, and here we are again, unfortunately: a woman in Atlanta says her driver sexually assaulted her after picking her up early Saturday morning. [More]


Uber Driver Arrested, Accused Of Raping 16-Year-Old Passenger

Uber says that it puts all new drivers through checks of their criminal and driving history, and none of what happened in a Boston suburb should have taken place. The prosecutor in Malden, MA says that a local driver had a long and sometimes violent criminal history, and he is accused of tracking down, offering extra rides to, and raping a 16-year-old passenger earlier this summer. [More]

Uber Passenger Claims Driver Attacked Her After Dropping Her Off

Uber Passenger Claims Driver Attacked Her After Dropping Her Off

A Los Angeles woman says she doesn’t feel safe alone with Uber drivers at night, after a driver allegedly attacked her after taking her to her destination. [More]

Judge Shreds Uber; Says Company Can’t Prove Riders Are Giving Up Right To Sue

Judge Shreds Uber; Says Company Can’t Prove Riders Are Giving Up Right To Sue

Uber, like a large and growing number of companies, has a clause in its terms of use that prohibits customers from suing the company or joining together in any sort of class action against the ride-hailing service. However, a federal judge recently scolded Uber over this contractual gamesmanship and deemed this particular clause unenforceable because the company can’t prove that users actually agreed to these terms. [More]

Uber Sells Its China Business To Competitor Didi For $35 Billion

Uber Sells Its China Business To Competitor Didi For $35 Billion

It’s easy to think of Uber as belonging squarely American millennials, but the ride-hailing app, and the ecosystem attached to it, are truly global enterprises. The service operates and competes in dozens of nations worldwide… except with one less, now that it’s having to give up on one of the most populated countries on Earth.



Uber Drivers Say That When They Turn Down Ride Requests, They Get Timeouts

Just like when your mom told you to go sit in the corner for refusing to pick up your toys, Uber drivers say that when they repeatedly turn down ride requests, they’re given timeouts. [More]

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Uber, Lyft, & Philly Cabs Have Showdown Of Their Own At The DNC

Do you remember the scene in Anchorman when all the different news teams have a giant, lethal street fight? We imagine the showdown between Uber, Lyft, and Philadelphia cab drivers over access to the Democratic National Convention to be similar. Okay, it’s not physical, but the accusations are flying between the three ride-providing groups related to where and when they can pick up and drop off passengers headed to the event.  [More]

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10 National Ice Cream Day Deals To Help Beat The Heat

National Ice Cream Day is officially July 17, or so the ice cream gods have proclaimed, but many businesses are either starting the festivities early or extending the sweet treat deals beyond Sunday. Here’s what you’ll need to know to get your brain freeze on. [More]

PA Governor Signs Bill Authorizing Temporary Truce Between Uber & Philadelphia


Not even 24 hours after a Philadelphia judge repeated her previous stance that the UberX car service is operating illegally in the city, the governor of Pennsylvania signed into a law a bill that authorizes a 90-day truce between Uber and the city’s Parking Authority. [More]

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Judge Rules Uber Is Still Illegal In Philadelphia, Despite Temporary Truce

In response to a petition from taxi drivers, advocates for disabled riders — and even some Uber Black drivers — a Philadelphia judge has said that Uber’s UberX car service is operating illegally in the city, regardless of a deal reached last week to allow UberX to temporarily operate in Philly without threat of legal action. [More]


Taxis Still Provide More Rides Than Uber In New York City

Since bursting onto the transportation scene, Uber has served as a contentious rival for traditional taxis, with the industry arguing that the ride-hailing service has taken away business and depleted driver’s take-home pay. But a new report suggests that simply isn’t the case, at least in New York City, where traditional cabs continue to dominate the streets.  [More]


Lyft Launches “Premier” Luxury Ride Service To Rival Uber Black

What’s a luxury-loving customer to do when they want to ride in style? Uber has its “Black” tier of service offering trips in more luxurious vehicles, and now Lyft is launching a new offering called Premier to compete for those customers willing to pay for the privilege of a fancier car. [More]