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Lawsuit Accuses Ticketmaster Of Hacking Rivals’ Databases To Steal Plans

It’s a pretty common rule, in the working world: When you leave one company and go to another, you generally lose access to internal, private documentation and plans the first company had. But a Ticketmaster rival claims that when one of their top executives left, not only did he keep documents he shouldn’t have, but also kept accessing his old company’s active databases to use their new records for Ticketmaster. [More]


Yankees Reach Deal To Allow Ticket Resales With StubHub

If you were planning to resell tickets to a New York Yankees game in the future you’ll need to visit StubHub instead of Ticketmaster, as the Major League Baseball team reached a deal this weekend to transfer its resale business, Yankees Ticket Exchange, to StubHub. [More]

UPDATE: Ticketmaster Voucher Codes Vanish, Then Reappear

UPDATE: Ticketmaster Voucher Codes Vanish, Then Reappear

It looks like Ticketmaster has made those free and discount voucher codes available again to customers affected by its recent settlement. [More]

Thomas Hawk

Check Your Old E-Mail Addresses And Ticketmaster Account: You Might Have Free Tickets

Class action lawsuits are not a swift or lucrative route to consumer justice, but at least they force companies to pay for the ways they’ve wronged their customers over the years. For example, you may not have received an e-mail about it, but if you have a Ticketmaster account, you might have vouchers for free tickets waiting for you now. [More]

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Ticketmaster Will Allow Some Users To Buy Tickets On Facebook Soon

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook news feed and noticed a friend had scored tickets to that awesome concert or sporting event, but decided it was simply too much work to actually search for the event yourself? That’s about to change — if the tickets are sold through Ticketmaster.  [More]

Court Throws Out StubHub’s Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster, Golden State Warriors

Court Throws Out StubHub’s Lawsuit Against Ticketmaster, Golden State Warriors

Last spring, StubHub sued both Ticketmaster and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, alleging that the team had threatened to cancel the subscriptions of season ticket holders if they tried to resell any of their tickets via StubHub instead of Ticketmaster’s secondary ticket exchange service. But last week, a federal judge dismissed StubHub’s case. [More]

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Adam recently attended a performance by comedian Kevin Hart in Boston, a city where parking is scarce and expensive. Ticketmaster offered him the opportunity to pay for his parking in advance along with his tickets, and he did. Doing so didn’t simplify his night out, though, since there was no one at the automated garage to accept his parking pass. He paid with a credit card and sought a refund from Ticketmaster later. They wouldn’t give him one, until Consumerist intervened… and also learned how the parking garage really worked. [More]

Ticketmaster Says It Stands For “True Fan-Friendly Competition”

Ticketmaster Says It Stands For “True Fan-Friendly Competition”

Over the weekend, StubHub filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, alleging that the team and the ticket company are forcing Warriors season-ticket subscribers to use Ticketmaster if they want to resell their seats to anyone. Ticketmaster is now defending itself and says that it is the one that’s on the side of sports fans. [More]

StubHub Files Antitrust Suit Against Ticketmaster, Golden State Warriors

StubHub Files Antitrust Suit Against Ticketmaster, Golden State Warriors

eBay-owned ticket resale site StubHub has sued both Ticketmaster and the NBA’s Golden State Warriors for allegedly threatening to cancel the subscriptions of season ticket holders if they try to resell any of their tickets via StubHub. [More]

How To Avoid Getting Duped When Buying Tickets Online

How To Avoid Getting Duped When Buying Tickets Online

Purchasing tickets to see your favorite musician in concert or to cheer on the hometown team should be a relatively pain-free, if not exciting, experience. But with the onset of new technology and less-than-truthful resellers, a shadow of deception can cloud consumers’ ticket buying decisions. [More]

SeaWorld Edges Out Ticketmaster, Joins Walmart In Worst Company Quarterfinals!

Round Two action continued today, with two Worst Company tournament newcomers each taking on established WCIA vets. In the end, one of those freshmen fighters was sent packing, while the other managed to eke out a victory against a company who has left such an indelible mark on the tournament’s history that it belongs in the WCIA Runner-Up Hall of Something That Rhymes With Fame But Means The Opposite. [More]

Facebook Gets The Thumbs-Up From Haters, Takes Final Spot In Worst Company Not-So-Sweet 16

After more than a week of bloodshed, half of the contenders that dared to dip their toes into the Worst Company wading pool (stocked with laser-equipped piranha and some ill-tempered guppies) have been carried out in Consumerist-branded body bags. The 16 fighters that remain are bruised, but not broken, and one of them will soon be crowned with the coveted Golden Poo. [More]

EA’s Worst Company In America Reign Comes To An End With Loss To Time Warner Cable

Video game giant Electronic Arts stepped into the Worst Company In America nonagon of unpleasantness this morning crowned with two Golden Poos and with the confidence that the tournament’s only two-time winner deserves. But in the end, it wasn’t EA that was carried out of the arena in victory — it was Time Warner Cable. [More]

See that face? That's the same one I made when I heard these tickets sold out in 15 minutes.

Scalpers Asking Median Price Of $220 To See Game Of Thrones A Couple Weeks Early

Yesterday morning, thousands of Game of Thrones fans hopped onto the Ticketmaster website promptly at 10 a.m. ET in the hopes of getting some of the 7,000 fifteen dollar tickets to see the season premiere of the HBO show on March 20 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Within minutes, they were sold out and hundreds of them quickly went on sale via Stubhub and elsewhere. [More]

Should NFL Teams Restrict Out-Of-State Fans From Buying Tickets?

Should NFL Teams Restrict Out-Of-State Fans From Buying Tickets?

Next Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will travel north to Seattle to face the Seahawks for a spot in the Super Bowl, while the New England Patriots fly west to Denver for a showdown with the Broncos. But if hometown fans of the two visiting teams want to get tickets for either of these games, they’ll have to get them on the secondary market. [More]

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New Ticketmaster Tool Will Let You See How High Ticket Prices Have Been Jacked Up

Dare you hope that there are any seats left in a section not inclined to causing nose bleeds or severe wallet hemorrhages? With Ticketmaster’s new resale system TM+, now you’ll know without a doubt for some events that yes, resale prices have skyrocketed and/or you will be banished to the outer reaches of the arena, so you can pack your plastic bags accordingly. [More]


Let’s Hope Ticketmaster Exec Doesn’t Bring Extra Fees To Work With Him At Twitter

At least we can (hopefully) count on former Ticketmaster President Nathan Hubbard to eschew confusing CAPTCHAs at his new job as Twitter’s first head of commerce, but let’s all cross our fingers that he doesn’t bring Ticketmasterlike fees with him to work. Because those are the worst. Twitter has hired him in a push to allow users to shop within tweets on the social media site. [More]

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Exclusions To Event Ticket Insurance Show It’s Not Worth It If You’re A Pregnant Airplane Pilot

We recently heard about a woman who’d purchased insurance on her airline ticket, only to have to resort to a public shaming of the company behind it, Allianz, for her $451 refund when she canceled her trip for health reasons. Which begs the question: What about other kinds of ticket insurance — are they worth it or will you just end up battling an insurance company when it comes time to claim a refund?