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What To Do With Your Pet’s Poop

A typical dog creates three-quarters of a pound of poop every day, or 274 pounds a year, according to the EPA. (I’d guess my pups are far over that estimate.) And how’s this for scale? In the two cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska, pups produce an estimated 20 million pounds of poop each year, while 200 million tons of kitty litter goes into landfills nationwide. You may not think the topic polite, but the reality is that all pet owners need to come up with options to manage their pet’s poop. So what’s the best way to deal with the stuff? [More]

Does Your Baby Need Designer Diapers?

Does Your Baby Need Designer Diapers?

Do you look at your baby and say, “I love him/her so much, but why can’t he/she be more fashionable?” Well, the braintrust at Pampers has come to your rescue with a new line of colorful poop-and-pee-absorbers designed by Cynthia Rowley. [More]