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Mark Turnauckas

Could GrubHub Be Amazon’s Next Big Purchase?

On Friday, Amazon announced that it would be acquiring Whole Foods, an upscale grocery chain with stores across the country. Once that deal is complete and the companies have settled into their new relationship, what might Amazon want to acquire next? One investment analyst suggests that maybe what the Everything Store needs next is some food delivery. [More]


Medical Marijuana Industry Uneasy About Its Future Under Trump Administration

Despite the fact that Congress recently passed a new spending bill that included a provision prohibiting the Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency from interfering in states’ medical marijuana programs, the industry remains wary of President Trump’s administration and its stance on the drug. [More]

Morton Fox

All-Day Breakfast Boosts McDonald’s, But Can’t Save The Company Alone

The golden days of the All-Day Breakfast Boom may have passed. No, nothing is happening to your afternoon McMuffin, but the sales surge created by offering breakfast at any time has waned in the U.S. So what’s next? [More]


Uber Acquires Trucking Company, Wants To Sell Freight Services

Consumers know Uber as a replacement for short-range taxis, but the company has other transportation goals. The company recently acquired Otto, a startup that’s developing self-driving trucks. While autonomous vehicles zooming freight across the country are its long-term goal, Uber plans get into the long-haul trucking business long before self-driving trucks are the norm. [More]

FCC Chair Almost Ready To Share His New Take On Net Neutrality

FCC Chair Almost Ready To Share His New Take On Net Neutrality

UPDATE: Some details of Wheeler’s proposal have leaked, and… well, it’s not good for supporters of net neutrality.

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court eviscerated the FCC’s Open Internet (aka net neutrality) rule following a legal challenge by Verizon, effectively allowing ISPs to give priority access to their own content (or content from sites and services that pay for the privilege) while also blocking or throttling access to competing services and content. Net neutrality has been recuperating from that back-breaking defeat in a virtual underground prison, but is now preparing to scale the wall and return to the real world. [More]

How Will The Supreme Court’s Medicaid Decision Affect You?

How Will The Supreme Court’s Medicaid Decision Affect You?

While supporters of the Affordable Care Act have spent the day reveling in this morning’s Supreme Court ruling and its detractors have vowed that they will continue to fight the law through legislative means — there is also a third group of people who think that moving to Canada would somehow teach America a lesson about a national health care law — what’s been left out of most of the discussion are the ramifications of the Supremes’ ruling against the portion of the bill that penalizes states that don’t contribute to Medicaid expansion. [More]

Report: Next iPads Will Run On 4G LTE Networks

The Apple iPad currently dominates the tablet market, even though none of the currently available versions give users access to 4G wireless networks. But according to a new report, that could all change when the latest iPads are unveiled next month. [More]