Apple Says iPhone Fires In China Are From “External Factors,” Not The Device

Image courtesy of TechStage

In the wake of Samsung’s massive, confusing recall of Galaxy Note 7 devices that could smoke, catch fire, and explode, consumers around the world are drawing attention to similar issues with other smartphones, including some battery fires with iPhones in China. However, Apple contends that these thermal incidents have nothing to do with the design of its signature phone.

BBC News reports that Apple is blaming “external factors” for eight iPhone 6 and 6S devices that allegedly combusted or exploded as reported by owners to Shanghai’s consumer watchdog.

According to the tech company, tests of the devices found “no cause for concern with these products.” Instead, Apple says external physical damage led to the so-called “thermal events.”

“We treat safety as a top priority and have found no cause for concern with these products,” the company tells the BBC, shrugging off concerns that it has not properly responded to the consumer complaints.

The reports submitted to the Shanghai Consumer Council include one concerning an iPhone 6S exploding in August. The owner of the phone says the screen shattered and the battery and back of the device were blackened.

Apple says iPhones safe despite China ‘fires’ [BBC]

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