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Overheating Samsung Tablet Blamed For Delta Flight Diversion

A Delta Air Lines flight was diverted over the weekend when a Samsung device overheated after being jammed between seats. But the device wasn’t the recently recalled Samsung Note 7 smartphone, it was an unspecified tablet from the device maker.  [More]

William Hook

Apple Patents Tech To Record & Scan Fingerprints Of Suspected iPhone Thieves

For the past two years, some smartphone manufacturers have been adding so-called “kill switches” software to phones that allow them to be turned off remotely if they fall into the wrong hands. Now, Apple is taking things a bit further, by patenting a new system that will take photos, record video, and capture fingerprints of ne’er-do-wells who snatch iPhones.  [More]

Bill Binns

Google’s Echo Competitor Will Be “Google Home”

UPDATE: Google has confirmed the eventual — but vague — release of Google Home, along with some non-price details about the product. [More]

HP Starts The Tablet Smack Talk, Claiming Theirs Will Beat iPad

HP Starts The Tablet Smack Talk, Claiming Theirs Will Beat iPad

We can just hear it now: “Your tablet is so stupid, it thought a quarterback was a refund!” Hewlett-Packard hasn’t released their TouchPad tablet computer yet, but already they’re smack-talking iPad and Android devices and claiming it’ll be the best one ever in the whole entire world. So there! [More]