Google’s Echo Competitor Will Be “Google Home”

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UPDATE: Google has confirmed the eventual — but vague — release of Google Home, along with some non-price details about the product.

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Last week, we heard the first real rumblings of a Google product that aims to take on Amazon’s Echo speaker and its personal assistant Alexa. Instead of waiting until later this year to unveil the connected device, Google is apparently ready to pull back the curtain as soon as today.

The New York Times, citing sources close to the matter, reports that Google is expected to introduce Google Home — or as it was known internally, Chirp — at the company’s annual developers’ conference Wednesday.

Google Home will reportedly function much like the Echo speaker — a virtual assistant will answer simple questions and complete basic tasks.

A spokesperson for Google declined to comment on the device or its release; however, sources say it is expected to hit the market this fall.

The device is said to resemble the tech giant’s OnHub wireless router and would likely use the preferred command “Okay, Google” already in use in the company’s Android phones.

In other voice-assistant news today, The Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is working on an Alexa-powered tablet.

Codenamed “Knight” the tablet is expected to be Amazon’s answer to Google’s tablet offerings. Unlike the e-commerce giant’s current Fire tablet line, the new product will be solely focused around Alexa.

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