HP Starts The Tablet Smack Talk, Claiming Theirs Will Beat iPad

We can just hear it now: “Your tablet is so stupid, it thought a quarterback was a refund!” Hewlett-Packard hasn’t released their TouchPad tablet computer yet, but already they’re smack-talking iPad and Android devices and claiming it’ll be the best one ever in the whole entire world. So there!

Fortune reports that an HP executive said it will be the “number one plus” product on the market. If they succeed, they’ll still be those guys who puffed themselves up. And even if their actual product is the best, their sales could still be below the monstrously popular (to the tune of 80% of the market) iPad, which could also be a bit of blow to the reputation.

The claims were reportedly made over the weekend by HP’s European chief, Eric Cador. saying, “In the tablet world we’re going to become better than number one.”

They’ve also got to get the jump on Google’s Android OS, which is pretty popular with the kids these days too, and, like the iPad, already has thousands of developers writing for it.

We’ll see, eh, TouchPad? It debuts this summer, with a 32GB version going for around $599…. a hefty price tag for such big words.

HP says TouchPad will surpass iPad, Android tablets [Fortune]

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