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Walmart Squeezes Suppliers Again, This Time With Fines

It’s no secret that Walmart has had issues keeping shelves stocked in some stores, leading customers to head to competitors. While the company finally addressed the problem nearly two years ago, the big box retailer is taking additional steps to ensure customers have products to choose from when they visit, by holding suppliers accountable — financially — for shipments that show up before or after their intended arrival date.

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Amazon Wants Frustration-Free Packaging For Cereal, Cookies

Packaged food companies spend gobs of cash designing boxes and bags to catch supermarket shoppers’ eyes, but what’s the point of that flashy design when you’re shopping online? Amazon is hoping that companies like Mondelez and General Mills will agree to optimize packaging for shipping instead of shelf appeal. [More]

Morton Fox

The Slow Business Of Fast Food: Why It Takes McDonald’s 6 Months To Change 1 Ingredient

Why does it take three years for Wendy’s to create a new summer salad? Why did McDonald’s spend decades not listening to customers who wanted all-day breakfast? Even a seemingly simple change, like moving from margarine to butter, requires at least six months for the Golden Arches to make. [More]

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Target Asks Suppliers To Pay More For Sales And Promos

Target has a lot of merchandise sitting around, and they want some help getting it out of stores and into shoppers’ carts. Who are they asking to help? Suppliers say that the discount retailer is asking them to take on more of the costs of marketing products, which cuts into their own profit margins and is an expense that suppliers hadn’t counted on. [More]

Walmart Asks More Suppliers To Pay For Space In Warehouses And On Shelves, And They Rebel

Walmart Asks More Suppliers To Pay For Space In Warehouses And On Shelves, And They Rebel

Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, has an unimaginable amount of power over the vendors who supply it with products. Some suppliers are speaking out, though, after the mega-retailer has asked 10,000 more suppliers to pay storage fees for keeping products in its distribution centers, in warehouses, and on store shelves. [More]

Target Wants To Get Into The Grocery Delivery Business

Target Wants To Get Into The Grocery Delivery Business

Earlier this year, we shared the news that Target was looking to expand and class up its food offerings. It might be that Target wants to get into another facet of the food business, too: much like competing Everything Stores Amazon and Walmart, the discount retailer is looking to get into the grocery delivery business. [More]


Ferrari Latest Automaker To Recall Vehicles For Possible Airbag Defect

While 11 automakers have already recalled millions of vehicles equipped with potentially deadly Takata-produced airbags, a twelfth car manufacturer announced it would also recall thousands of cars with safety devices supplied by the Japanese auto parts maker, although for a different, but still dangerous, reason. [More]

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Walmart Warns Suppliers They Better Abide By Stricter Rules Or Get Dropped

After a fire at a Bangladesh factory that supplied clothing to Walmart and other stores killed 112 workers in November, Walmart has announced that it is taking its suppliers around the globe to task when it comes to subcontracting their work. In other words, if Walmart doesn’t approve of the factories suppliers use, it’ll drop those companies lickety-split. [More]