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Facebook Tweaks News Feed In Effort To Reduce “Low-Quality” Links

Over the past year, Facebook has made several changes to its News Feed algorithm to ensure the posts you see are legit. Now, the social network is at it again, this time tweaking the News Feed to reduce the visibility of links to misleading, ad-covered pages. [More]

Morton Fox

The Slow Business Of Fast Food: Why It Takes McDonald’s 6 Months To Change 1 Ingredient

Why does it take three years for Wendy’s to create a new summer salad? Why did McDonald’s spend decades not listening to customers who wanted all-day breakfast? Even a seemingly simple change, like moving from margarine to butter, requires at least six months for the Golden Arches to make. [More]

Walmart Offering Fewer Products, Widening Aisles

Walmart Offering Fewer Products, Widening Aisles

Walk into any Walmart and you’ll see shelves upon shelves stocked with a wide variety of products in every shape and size. But that will soon change, as the retail giant begins a transformation of sorts by decluttering its aisles of excess items.  [More]