Photo courtesy of Indiana Department of Natural Resources District 10.

Coyote Gets Stuck In Kohl’s Entrance, Doesn’t Get To Use Kohl’s Cash

Just like humans, some wild animals get the urge to shop — from strolling the aisles of Rite Aid to sauntering into a local watering hole in search of libations. That unsettling trend continued over the weekend when a coyote tried to pick up a few items from a Kohl’s store in Indiana. [More]

(Noah Jacquemin)

L.A. Man Claims Identity Theft Has Left Stranded Him In Mexico For Weeks

A U.S. citizen from Los Angeles says his visit to Mexico has lasted much longer than he anticipated, after he claims someone stole his identity, prompting border officials to keep him out of the country for now. [More]

Gateway Won't Help Customer Replace Monitor

Gateway Won't Help Customer Replace Monitor

Gateway’s exploits in customer non-service have found their way onto our pages before, so it wasn’t all that surprising that Rafael wrote us to complain that the company left him out to dry when his monitor crapped out shortly after his warranty expired.