Virgin America Soars Above The Rest In Annual Airline Survey While United Sinks To The Bottom

Every day, airlines shuttle passengers from here to there, through friendly (and not so friendly) skies, ferrying bags and losing luggage and touching down at airports all around the country. Some of those airlines are consistently a cut above the rest, while others just can’t seem to do anything right. According to this year’s Airline Quality Rating Survey, Virgin America is the cream of the crop while United Airlines is a long, long way from the top.


Leah's son gets the ultimate treatment.

And Now: “Flying The Friendly Skies Fridays” Because Traveling Can Actually Be Fun

Around these parts, we hear our share of the frustrating, the woeful and the all-out angry. But when we catch hold of an idea that brings out the happy and rewarding stories of customers, we like to celebrate it. Herewith, then, the first of a few “Flying The Friendly Skies Fridays.” Or FTFSF, if you will.



Southwest And AirTran Now Holding Hands: Flights Can Finally Be Booked Together

Even though Southwest and AirTran got hitched back during their 2011 merger, the two have barely seemed like they were going steady, much less married. But now it appears they’re ready to let the whole world know they’re moving on to holding hands: all flights on either airline can now be booked together as one itinerary.



Study: Southwest Is Often Only The Least-Expensive Option If You’re Checking Bags

In spite of the fact that Southwest Airlines is now one of the largest airlines in the country, it still has a reputation among some consumers of being a plucky upstart that always offers cheaper fares than its old-school competitors, especially for business travelers. But a new study claims that Southwest passengers’ savings often depends on whether or not they check their bags. [More]

Southwest Airlines Mails Lost Phone, Provides Outstanding Service And Terrible Poetry

With much luv

Jane’s husband left his mobile phone behind on a Southwest Airlines plane. Oh, no! How sad! He had every reason to expect not to see it again, but someone turned it in to Lost and Found. The kind souls at Southwest mailed it back to him, enclosing a poem. We’re not saying that it was a good poem, but it’s certainly a thoughtful one. [More]


Southwest Airlines Duped The Entire Plane And We Loved It: Send Us Your Happy Travel Tales

This morning, before the sun had fully risen over the eastern seaboard, I was groggily fighting sleep and crankily wishing ill upon my seatmate’s blaring iPod as we sat on a 6 a.m. flight to Chicago on Southwest Airlines. Usually I am not in the mood for jokes at such an hour, but with one well-timed prank, the airline known for its particular brand of crew member humor turned everyone’s frowns upside down. [More]


Southwest’s CEO On Perhaps Charging For Bags In The Future: “Never Say Never”

For those who love flying Southwest Airlines because it doesn’t charge for passengers to check a bag, well, your love might be tested at some point in the maybe kinda distant future, perhaps. It’s a bit vague, but what we do know is that in a recent interview, Southwest CEO Gary  Kelly isn’t promising that fee-free fun for all eternity. [More]

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Southwest Helps Out Longtime Customer Even Though It Didn’t Have To

For more than 20 years, Consumerist reader Carl has been flying on Southwest Airlines, and he’s been a frequent customer of the carrier for around 15 years. [More]

Southwest and the Airtravel Realities We’re Ignoring

Southwest and the Airtravel Realities We’re Ignoring

Steve reminds us why we love our readers by penning a nice and cogent op-ed on why “the current low fares are going to run one or two of the legacy carriers into liquidation.”