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Singapore Airlines Accidentally Sells 900 Business Class Fares At Economy Price

Travelers who thought they’d lucked into some magically low fares on Singapore Airlines are in for a disappointment — the airline says that after a computer glitch allowed Australian travel agents to sell 900 business class fares at economy prices, the agents will either have to provide the difference in fare, or passengers will have the option of flying economy or getting a full refund. [More]

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Man Says He Was Gouged After Receiving $1,171 In-Flight WiFi Bill

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to purchase in-flight WiFi: to finish a work project or just to pass the time on your five-hour flight. Depending on how long you’re flying high and the nature of your work, the bill for your internet use can add up quickly; just ask a passenger who connected on a Singapore Airlines flight. [More]


Extreme Turbulence Turns Airplane Cabin Into ‘Animal House’ Food Fight Scene

There’s a reason the seatbelt turns on during spots of turbulence when you’re on an airplane — because otherwise you might end up on the ceiling like so much spattered food. A passenger captured just how messy it can get when the air got bumpy on a recent Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London, and we half expected John Belushi’s grinning face to show up in the photos. It’s just that chaotic. [More]

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Delta Reportedly Has Its Eye On A Nice Little Slice Of Virgin Atlantic

Singapore Airlines is in the mood to shed a little weight in the form of its 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic, and it seems Delta Air Lines is among the suitors lining up to try to talk the company into handing that nice little slice over. Whoever gets this hunk of the company will gain access to some pretty sweet slots at London’s Heathrow airport. [More]

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Two Airlines Ground Airbus A380s After Qantas Engine Explosion

After what Australian airline Qantas calls a “significant engine failure” during a flight from Singapore to Sydney, both it and Singapore Airlines have temporarily grounded their fleets of Airbus A380 jumbo jets. [More]