Singapore Airlines Accidentally Sells 900 Business Class Fares At Economy Price

Travelers who thought they’d lucked into some magically low fares on Singapore Airlines are in for a disappointment — the airline says that after a computer glitch allowed Australian travel agents to sell 900 business class fares at economy prices, the agents will either have to provide the difference in fare, or passengers will have the option of flying economy or getting a full refund.

The flights between Singapore and Europe weren’t loaded into the system correctly by the airline, reports, allowing for a whole bunch of cheap fares flying off the digital shelves between Saturday and Monday this week.

A spokeswoman for the airline confirmed that it had “recently reassigned a booking subclass originally designated to economy class bookings to be used for business class bookings from December 8, 2014.”

“We have been notified that a small number of travel agents have sold tickets against this reassigned business class subclass, at an economy class fare level,” said the spokeswoman. “The airfare conditions for the fare clearly stated that it was only valid for economy class travel.”

Agents who don’t want to face collecting more money from their customers to make up the difference in price can pay it themselves, or offer passengers a full refund.

“We are working with our travel agent partners to ensure that our customers are notified of this issue so that steps can be made to ensure there is no disruption to their travel plans,” the spokeswoman said.

Singapore Airlines blames agents for selling business class fares at economy rates []

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