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Ron Kroetz

Airbnb Wants To Help Book Your Plane Tickets

Airbnb handles the lodging part of your travel, but the company has made it clear that it wants to handle more of your trip. Its previous expansion, Trips, let customers book things to do at their destination. Airbnb apparently also wants to help travelers get to those destinations in the first place, by helping its customers book their flights. [More]


United Airlines Flight Diverted After Report Of Kidnapped Child Onboard

Passengers on an International flight from Dulles International Airport to Beijing were caught up in the middle of a custody battle turned potential kidnapping situation last night, when the FBI ordered the United Airlines flight to to turn back because a kidnapping suspect was on board with her child. [More]

Check Out The Arm On The FedEx Guy Tossing A Package 20 Feet Onto A Customer’s Porch

Check Out The Arm On The FedEx Guy Tossing A Package 20 Feet Onto A Customer’s Porch

Baseball. Football. Cricket. Trench warfare. All of those things are occasions where being able to lob something at a target from a long distance is a good skill to have. But using that good arm to chuck Fedex deliveries onto a customer’s porch from 20 feet away will not garner praise, especially when you’re (allegedly) caught on camera doing just that. [More]


Extreme Turbulence Turns Airplane Cabin Into ‘Animal House’ Food Fight Scene

There’s a reason the seatbelt turns on during spots of turbulence when you’re on an airplane — because otherwise you might end up on the ceiling like so much spattered food. A passenger captured just how messy it can get when the air got bumpy on a recent Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London, and we half expected John Belushi’s grinning face to show up in the photos. It’s just that chaotic. [More]