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Birchbox Leads People To Buy More Beauty Products Elsewhere, Too

The purpose of beauty sample boxes isn’t just to throw a bunch of small items in a box and collect subscription fees. It’s to promote brands and specific products among customers who are interested in fancy beauty products. Yet recent market research shows that subscribers to BirchBox go on to buy more products overall from companies that aren’t BirchBox. [More]

Angie Six

Which Beauty Subscription Boxes Are Actually Worth The Monthly Fee?

Monthly subscription boxes are currently a hot category in retail: vendors exist that can send you curated selections of everything from pet treats to razors to healthy snacks to butt wipes. One popular subcategory of these boxes are beauty sample boxes, which send you trial-size versions of beauty products to enjoy, and perhaps buy full-sized versions later on. Beauty brands and consumers both love these boxes…but which ones offer the best value for your subscription fee? [More]