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State Says Bakery Discriminated Against Same-Sex Couple By Refusing To Make Wedding Cake

Two years after an Oregon bakery refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple, the state’s Bureau of Labor and Industries says the business discriminated against the two women and as such, will have to pay up to $105,000 in fines. [More]


Same-Sex Weddings Projected To Add $684 Million To California Economy

Now that the Supreme Court killed California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages, the state is likely to see a rush to the altar/beach/synagogue/backyard/ wherever people get married. Harper’s Index says that that wedding boom will fill the state’s coffers to the tune of a projected $684 million over the next three years. [via Harper’s] [More]

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Couple Claims That Bakery Refused To Make Cake For Same-Sex Wedding

What’s a wedding without a cake? A decidedly less delicious one, which is why couples heading for the altar are in the habit of testing out cakes before the big day so they can choose their favorite. In other words, they get to eat a lot of cake to find a winner.  But one same-sex couple in Oregon is claiming in a complaint filed with the state’s attorney general’s office that their experience at a local bakery was far from fun when the owner refused to sell them a cake. [More]