Police: DNA Analysis Proves Chili’s Waiter Spit In Customer’s Drink

Many of us have had that moment where something about a food or drink order at a restaurant doesn’t feel quite right when it comes, especially if you’ve had any kind of negative encounter with the wait staff. But in one case, police say they were able to prove which waiter at a Chili’s restaurant had spit into a customer’s takeaway drink, using DNA analysis. [More]


Restaurant Employee Reports Chef To The Police For Spitting In Customer’s Food

It’s not always staff versus the customers when it comes to food disputes, which is good to know when someone’s spitting in your food: The chef at a New Jersey restaurant was arrested after another worker called police to report “multiple health violations.” That included an incident when the chef allegedly spat into a customer’s food, after the diner sent it back for extra cooking time. [More]

Taco Bell Employee Allegedly Spit, Urinated in Food

Taco Bell Employee Allegedly Spit, Urinated in Food

A family from Sidney, Iowa has filed suit against the owners of a KFC/Taco Bell after they were served food that was allegedly contaminated by an employee. According to the lawsuit, the couple’s 4 year-old son became “violently ill” after being served food that had been contaminated by an employee who “maintained ‘special servings'” of food contaminated with urine and saliva so that it could be fed to unsuspecting police officers.