Taco Bell Employee Allegedly Spit, Urinated in Food

A family from Sidney, Iowa has filed suit against the owners of a KFC/Taco Bell after they were served food that was allegedly contaminated by an employee. According to the lawsuit, the couple’s 4 year-old son became “violently ill” after being served food that had been contaminated by an employee who “maintained ‘special servings'” of food contaminated with urine and saliva so that it could be fed to unsuspecting police officers.

The employee’s behavior was discovered by other employees of the restaurant who reported it to management. According to the lawsuit, the employee was not disciplined and was allowed to continue working for 2 months. The employee, Casey Diedrich “pleaded guilty to violating the Nebraska Pure Food Act and fined $100,” according to the Sioux City Journal. Yuck. —MEGHANN MARCO

Lawsuit alleges Taco Bell employee spit, urinated in food [Sioux City Journal]
(Photo: soundman1024)

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