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Here Are All Of The Snacks Included So Far In The Peanut-Contaminated Flour Recall

Severe allergies to peanuts are terrifyingly common, which is why products get recalled when they could have just tiny amounts of the legume. After a commercial supplier recalled a batch of flour that may contain some peanut protein, snack-makers are recalling products made with the affected flour. Those snacks include major brands like Keebler, Famous Amos, Rold Gold, Mother’s, Murray, and Special K. [More]


Frito-Lay Recalls Rold Gold Pretzels Due To Possible Peanut Contamination In Flour

The same flour supplier problem that led to the recall of millions of Hostess snack cakes and prepared baked goods at Chick Fil-A, Cinnabon, and a number of supermarket chains has struck again. Flour that may be contaminated with traces of peanuts was used to make Rold Gold pretzels, normally a food that is not supposed to contain nuts. [More]