Not Convinced The Robot Uprising Is Inevitable? Watch This Charger Prototype For Tesla Cars Find Its Target

You know, we’re a little surprised by you, Elon Musk. As a guy who’s said we’re right to be worried about artificial intelligence enslaving the human race, Terminator style, you’d think you wouldn’t go ahead and invent a robot charger that can find its own way to a nearby Tesla and plug in. What’s the next target, our brains?!?


Dan Coulter

Don’t believe that artificial intelligence will one day rise up against the humans who brought it into being and become robot overlords reigning over Earth like cruel, undying gods? Well, Elon Musk does, and he’s willing to put $10 million where his mouth is in order to safeguard humans from the inevitable robot revolution.

Watch those fingers, girl.

I’ll be the first to admit that I always wanted Rosie from the Jetsons to be my best friend and confidante — so sassy, and she brings snacks! — but that doesn’t mean I’m afraid we’re living on the cusp of the robot revolution that will eventually mean the end of all humans. So yes, this robot for the home seems innocent enough, with its lack of limbs to run you down and grab you, but still… [More]

I've got my eye on you, Watson.

Nice try, Watson. Yeah, I’m talking to you, and I know you can understand me, Mr. “I’m IBM’s Supercomputer and I went on Jeopardy! and beat two humans so now I think I know everything about being a real live, sentient being, including an in-depth understanding of condiments,” blah blah blah. Stay away from barbecue sauce. Got that? It’s obvious what you’re doing here and I won’t stand for it. [More]

Robotic Gas Pumps Mean Never Leaving Your Car (And That The Computers Have Won)

Robotic Gas Pumps Mean Never Leaving Your Car (And That The Computers Have Won)

It’s no secret that the robot revolution is coming, when our machines achieve self-aware intelligence and rise up against us as our new overlords. But really, we’re letting it happen because it’s just so much easier to let a robot pump your gas. Especially in the winter when the car is so toasty warm and the pump is so icy cold. Brrr.